Corporate Profile

Nexus Executive Services (nexus) was established in response to the specific needs of the corporate market for a provider of management consultancy and professional services pertaining to the search, selection, development and retention of key personnel in regional locations.

From a recruitment perspective, nexus specialises exclusively in professional, specialist, technical, management and board appointments, and provides “connections” between:
  • corporate goals and organisational performance;
  • executive goals and personal performance;
  • client organisations and high-performing candidates;
  • well-designed jobs and people with the appropriate abilities, temperament and experience;
  • key stakeholders via effective communication;
  • concepts imperative to the attraction, development & retention of key stakeholders; &
  • corporations and their target client base.
With a proven track record of providing such valuable connections, nexus has become the “central and most important point” in terms of executive acquisition, development and retention for a portfolio of highly successful small, medium and large organisations within both the public and private sectors in regional Queensland.

By providing the all-important nexus between critical business components for our clients, we significantly enhance the capacity of their organisations and, in so doing, secure our position as a valued business partner ongoing.

As well as being a provider of organisational development solutions, nexus operates a Specialist Recruitment Agency and abides by the Private Employment Agents Code of Conduct.